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Readers' Opinion

India's goals in Pakistan relationship amid US drone attacks.

Wednesday September 26 2012 22:41:24 PM BDT

By Dr Abdul Ruff

Even while the Obama forces, occupying Pakistan and Afghanistan and aiming at stealing the nukes of Pakistan, keep attacking Pakistanis with deadly drones, India, the strategic partner of unilateral America, is also trying to get foot hold on Pakistani soil.. India says it is deadly eager to make friends with Pakistan.

India, at long last, has managed to influence the Pakistan media as well in a big way by carefully filling the vacuum created by the unexpected exit of pro-America stuff. One can feel the a sense of optimism about India wanting to make Pakistan a super power.

Indian talkingť to Pakistan is meant only to show a friendly facade to the world that it is a peace loving country and it, like Israel, always wants to have good relations with its neighbours; especially Islamabad. But in reality, New Delhi has other strategic goals.

Brutal occupation of Jammu Kashmir and traded boost and access to Afghanistan and Central Asia and Silk Route though Pakistan. Kashmiri’s have sustained their freedom struggle for 20 long years due mainly to Pakistan’s support. In order to keep the Kashmir issue at bay for ever, New Delhi strategists want to split the historical bonds between Kashmiris and Pakistanis. India is eager to retain Kashmir, occupied illegally by India since 1947.

As a leading terrocracy, India terrorizes the besieged Kashmiri Muslims by drinking their blood. Still focused on a veto handle of the notorious UNSC, India wants to convince the world powers and permanent members of UNSC that Kashmir issue was no more alive and it should be taken out of UNSC agenda. Indian military terrorists continue to suppress Kashmiri’s freedom struggle by use of brutal force by deploying 700,000 security forces in JK in utter disregard of human rights violations and it has already reneged on an earlier understanding on withdrawal of troops from Siachen.

India is keen to become a permanent occupation member of UNSC to permanently ignore Kashmir sovereignty issue. Also, India aims at getting closer to Pakistan to score political points since for last few years government of the extra corrupt Manmohan Sigh regime. Both India and Pakistan are now on the discredited UNSC as ordinary members.

India needs either Pakistan or Afghanistan, if not both, as a transit corridor for boosting its foreign trade and for years now New Delhi has been making all-out attempts to secure the route of either of them. Now USA seems to have clearly told India not to have false hopes on Afghanistan as it would not be allowed to control it when the NATO terror syndicates quit the lands of brave Afghans. Besides, the USA has hinted it would not leave Afghanistan soon. Still there are many Afghans living.

In view of its interest to meet its growing energy requirements by importing electricity and gas from CARs and exploiting CARs and Afghanistan’s mineral resources India is more inclined to use Pakistan as a transit corridor. It is a stated objective of India to establish trade and economic relations with Central Asian States (CARs) by signing transit agreement with Pakistan.

India has been pressing Pakistan to let to increase its trade volume with Pakistan. India has been pushing Islamabad to let India also use Pakistani soil and sea for trade purposes. Although the corrupt Zardari regime, seeking to make the “son” assume power there, is showing pro-India interest, heeding to Indian appeal to offer the MFN status, it still has not allowed India to use Pakistani soil to help the NATO terror operations in Afghanistan. Obviously, Islamabad is eager to do that itself for personal profits.


As India moves faster to somehow get inside Pakistan, there is a perception in Pakistan that this will marginalize Pakistan's industry which is not very competitive. Pakistan's economic situation has deteriorated because of colossal expenditure on war on terror as compared to the US economic assistance, dwindling of foreign investments, lavish government spending, rampant corruption and energy crises since 2008. Corruption is a common factor binding Zardari and Manmohan.

From trade and joint cricketism India would want to move to joint military exercises, obviously targeting the besiged Kashmir Muslims.

India wants to use Pakistan's rail and road infrastructure without displaying any flexibility on resolving contentious issues with Pakistan especially the core dispute of Kashmir since it has maintained its rigidity by not discussing this dispute.

Emotionally touched about Kashmir, Pakistanis feel that moving towards granting trade and transit concessions to India without clinching an understanding from her on resolving Kashmir and other disputes would mean to support Indian economic agenda at the cost of compromising on Pakistan's Kashmir policy.

That means a destabilized or failed Pakistan would also fail the Kashmir policy.

Islamabad should continue to highlight Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu Kashmir and should also develop constant pressure on India for holding meaningful dialogue for resolving Kashmir issue once for all on priority!

And India cannot have too many options now!


Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Former university EMail : abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com


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