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Hungary keen to invest in Bangladesh

Tuesday September 06 2005 09:44:07 AM BDT

Hungary would invest in Bangladesh and send delegations to further develop the trade relations between the two countries through greater interaction.

The newly appointed ambassador of Hungary, Ivan Nemeth said this while presenting his credentials to the president, Iajuddin Ahmed at Bangabhaban on Monday.

The president mentioned that trade between Bangladesh and Hungary ‘is not at the expected level’.

He suggested that Hungary could import non-traditional items like ceramics, pharmaceuticals, leather products, and other goods from Bangladesh, in addition to traditional ones.

Welcoming the ambassador, based in New Delhi and concurrently accredited to Bangladesh, Iajuddin mentioned the cordial bilateral relations existing between the two countries.

He recalled the Hungarian assistance extended to Bangladesh in the initial days after independence, particularly in the form of scholarships to Bangladeshi students and supply of railway wagons and locomotives on state and supplier’s credits and stressed upon exchange in the education sector between the two countries.

Iajuddin requested the ambassador to convey his regards to the president of Hungary, Laszlo Solyom.

He assured the ambassador of his full cooperation and support during his duty in Bangladesh and wished the ambassador all success on his new assignment and expressed the hope that the relations between the two countries would be further strengthened during his tenure.

The Hungarian ambassador said that the relations between Hungary and Bangladesh are excellent and stressed increasing the trade volume between the two countries.

Earlier on his arrival at Bangabhaban, the Ambassador was given a guard of honour.



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